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Way to Early look at Keepers

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I am in a 12 team ESPN H2H 8 cat league where we keep 3 players every year.  I had a ballin team and the only reason I lost was due to Durant taking a break in the fantasy playoffs as is coming to be typical for him.  Anyways we can keep players based on the previous years ADP (I would select them in the round next to their name below if I choose to keep them) so a guy like Oladipo is going to be a killer in the draft next year since he way out played his ADP.  I would love to see what kind of compensation I could get for Durant but feel like it won't be as much as I could get during the season.  Let me know which 3 you would keep out of the options below and what you think your strategy would be.


Durant - 1st round 

Jokic - 2nd round

Oladipo - 6th Round

Beal - 3rd round

AG - 8th round

Whiteside - 2nd round

Harris - 9th round

Richardson - 13th round

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Where are you picking in next year's draft? Can you get close to or equal value for your top round guys? 


I'm new to keepers, but what makes sense to me is to keep value and draft the higher ADP players b/c they put up similar numbers. So, in that vein, I'd keep AG (100%, I'm keeping him with a 6th round cost), Harris (I'm keeping with a 13th round cost), and Richardson. They are going to absolutely crush those ADPs you have listed = 100% chance of being better than anyone available in that round. 

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