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Trae Young 2018-2019 Season Outlook

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if he has another game like that i’m dropping him for montrezl harrell 

Amazing Kid....?

2 hours ago, StifleTower2 said:

Harrell is 36th and Trae Young is outside the top 200 according to BBM.  Young might sneak into the top 100 assuming punt TO.  


trae was at 78 under my league settings 


anyways, harrell is no longer available B)

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Trae Young admitted after Wednesday's game that "the rookie wall is getting hit right now."

"Hopefully I can break through [the wall] and get some," he added. The rookie is a focal point of opposing defenses and nobody is going under screens against him any more, which has contributed to his 37.7% shooting this season (down from 42.9% in October). "I mean, it’s crazy," Young said. "My shooting percentage is so bad right now and teams are still pressing up on me just like I was shooting 80 percent." He's tough to own in 8-cat and 9-cat leagues, but the inefficiency doesn't sting as much in points-leagues.
Is this kid really lamenting the fact that NBA defenses play hard against him? I guess teams should just let him shoot wide open jumpers since his FG% is so bad :rolleyes:
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15 hours ago, TheBoondocks said:

He's becoming hard to own, but calling him a bust this soon is a bit much lol

He is currently not even in top.200, and his ADP was 98 (people were expecting even top 50-75 upside), so it is a real disapointment so far.

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I've been fairly content owning him in my points league. Could I go get a better player? Yeah, probably. But I'm dominating my league right now and Trae adds a little bit of fun to my roster to see what kind of lines he can put up and hope for a good game every now and then.

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