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Two trades offered WHIR

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I tried to send Altuve in a package for offer and see what owners offer. That’s all I could get and those offers look awful but I would like to see your thoughts about these offers


A. Send Altuve, Albies, Porcello for Stanton, Soto, and McCuller.


B. Send Altuve for Baez


4 keepers - 10 teams league 


C: Realmuto

1B: Freeman 

2B: Altuve

3B: Suarez

SS: Segura

OF: Yelich

OF: Pham

OF: Hanigar

UTIL: Jose Martinez

UTIL: Rizzo

BN: Albies, Cabrera

DL: A.J. Pollock 


SP: Lester, Porcello, Newcomb, Flaherty, Stripling, Happ, Strasburg (DL)


RP: Hand, Treinen, Minter


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2 minutes ago, BamaHulk said:

The offers dropped


He countered the offer —


acquire Stanton, Benny, McCullers, and Lucchesi for Freeman, Altuve and Porcello


which has better side?


No way to that offer.

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No to both for me as well. Trade B is an absolute joke.  Imagine if someone offered that to you in week 2 of the season?  Same laughing should apply now.   I would do Albies for Soto straight up, if that owner would do that.

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Hang onto Altuve & Ozzie and move the other player listed & another throw in piece for Stanton/Soto


Keep Jose A and counter then deal up another player ya got on you're team for his Javy Baez. 

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