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Selling High On Freddy Peralta

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Over the past hour or so I've understandably received A LOT of interest in Freddy Peralta.  Peralta's repertoire seems to mainly be a low 90's fastball.  Besides this pitch, and some delivery deception, what is accounting for his incredible performance in three of his four starts?


I desperately need a Shortstop, and maybe one more Outfielder.  So if I can take advantage of an over achieving Peralta to get the job done I'd love to do it.  Just curious what are realistic results to look for in the future.  Thanks.

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I did what I feel like was selling high on him before this last start. I gave up Peralta, Danny Jansen, and Luis Urias for Archer.  

Now, I'm not a huge Archer fan, but I still felt like I had to do it for a few reasons 1) I wouldn't have had the room to keep all of Peralta, Urias, and Archer (18 team keep 24) and 2) I think Archer is better than he's pitched this year and 3) I think Archer gets traded to a contender, and that could give him a mental boost that helps his performance and 4) I do think some Peralta regression is coming. I don't like guys who succeed on deception (delivery deception that is)


Right now, it looks terrible, but I still feel good about it. 

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