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Karl-Anthony Towns 2018-2019 Season Outlook

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I just got offered sabonis for my Towns...   I've never been so insulted in my life 

I was feeling positive until my friend screen shotted how the Wolves listed LaVine as Q the day after he tore his ACL lol. 

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11 minutes ago, ovofnd said:

Traded KAT+Tobias for Embiid+Middleton yesterday. I then traded Embiid for Jokic. 


Only FYI for those looking to gauge his value.



So...it's still first round...


That was a clever move though. Props

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15 hours ago, fabrar said:

AD: 25 years old

Giannis: 24 years old

Jokic: 23 years old

Booker: 21 years old


These guys all got paid big money and they all play much harder than KAT and are pretty much carrying their teams. No excuse.


Sure and they all seem much more mature than KAT and are performing right now.  The fact that other extremely young generational talents seem to have a more mature mindset than KAT doesn't mean you can't give KAT some leeway.  Also considering the situation how would those listed above respond?  I'm also an annoyed KAT owner but none of those players you listed have got confrontational issues with a known a$$hole like Butler on their team, who according to the grapevine has given KAT enough reason to be extremely unhappy, and on top of that the coach of the team is completely enamored with the guy at the source of the issues (in this case Butler) and doesn't want him to be traded.    KAT is still so young and seemingly immature but he'll figure things out eventually.


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17 hours ago, a-rob said:

Jimmy might get traded, but I am going to try and move KAT for other first round guys after Jimmy gets moved. I just can't handle the headache and inconsistency this softy brings! in head to head I want someone that I can count on weekly. I have this guy in a keeper league, regretting turning down an offer that involved Jokic. Even in keeper leagues, I would shy away from KAT now, because even if he can full up the box score, he clearly cannot be the main star of a team if they want to win. 


I hate this guy so much right now. I know he has a history of beasting in the new calendar year, but I don't want babies on my team


I can tell you've never owned KAT before. He had 7 games all of last season where he didn't either double-double or score at least 20 pts. Hasn't missed a game since he's been in the league. He's the model of consistency. It's been 5 games. Chill. 

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He really hasn't been that bad. I get expecting more but he'd probably be a top 10 player already thus far if his FG% wasn't trash. If it was he would be hanging right around 20-22 a game. We all know he is a good shooter and will end up with a great FG%. His blocks have been up and he's shooting about 96% from the foul line. He is pressing a bit but I don't know why anyone would panic long term on Karl Anthony Towns. It's not like he just had 1 big year. He's probably been the most consistent fantasy player over the past 3 seasons. 

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