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Karl-Anthony Towns 2018-2019 Season Outlook

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20 minutes ago, adam_magic said:

This guy owes us tonight, got me to the finals now killing me in them!


Yes he does.  A 35 and 15 would be nice tonight!


But regardless, I am just glad he is still playing since injuries and load management have corrupted the NBA and my roster in particular.  

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I just got offered sabonis for my Towns...   I've never been so insulted in my life 

I was feeling positive until my friend screen shotted how the Wolves listed LaVine as Q the day after he tore his ACL lol. 

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8 minutes ago, NeverMadeThePlayOffs said:

What are everyones expectations for KAT for the upcoming season. He is definately number 1 on my list. I could see a 28/14/3 With 2 threes, 1.8 blocks and a steal a game with excellent percentages. 


Would love to pair him with Devin Booker.


Since there are going to be so many load management no go players, KAT for me is the #1 pick too - slightly ahead of Jokic (Giannis FT% is why I have those two ahead of him). 

I don't think KAT will be a load management casualty like so many of the others.  And his numbers should improve from last year too since he should be motivated and will be going into the season fully Jimmy-free this time.  Jimmy's presence really did affect him at the start last year.

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1 hour ago, j3rkthenurk said:

I know KAT is a punt assists type of player but can a punt blocks strategy work with KAT at the number one pick?


Why do you need to punt blocks when it is one of his strenghts??

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22 minutes ago, j3rkthenurk said:


Currently in the middle of a draft and its pretty thin on guards who are punt assists. So just getting another opinion.




I also dont believe hes a punt assist player. last year he post a career high 3.4apg. If you own KAT / Davis, you dont need to punt any cat

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