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Karl-Anthony Towns 2018-2019 Season Outlook

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I just got offered sabonis for my Towns...   I've never been so insulted in my life 

I was feeling positive until my friend screen shotted how the Wolves listed LaVine as Q the day after he tore his ACL lol. 

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Watching the Timberwolves is such a chore.  How does a coach like Thibs go from one of the top 5 coaches in the league to arguably one of the bottom 10 in 5 years?  The Minnesota game plan especially offensively is horrible.


1 minute ago, Tekno Team 2000 said:


True - although he just missed a free throw as the crowd chanted Jimmy Butler. Hahaha


KAT is probably crying inside after that.

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As a former KAT owner this looks all too familiar. Coach is dreadful, Wiggins and Rose are two of the worst fantasy teammates in the league, plus the Butler situation has got to be distracting. 


I don't think Minnesota are getting near the playoffs this season even if Butler ends up staying.


KAT is also partially at fault, the man is too passive. Same thing every year although his elite efficiency and big minutes will probably secure him a top 8 fantasy finish again.

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2 hours ago, dragonballz said:

Just wondering, given how KAT is playing, will a KAT owner be interested if lets say a  Blake Griffin and DeAndre Ayton trade is offered? Might be an AC type of question, but just gauging how owners value KAT right now... 

Depends with the owner.


An experienced fantasy player will laugh at that offer, however most of the crybaby owners here would insta accept.

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Wiggins is bad enough but then you add rose and this is what you get. Butler is not taking hardly any shots either compared to those clowns. Thibs is easily the worst coach in the nba. Can't believe he used to have a rep for being good 

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