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Mike Conley 2018-2019 Season Outlook

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Where are you guys taking him? I took him middle of the 4th round few spots ahead of bledsoe in 12 man league. If he stays healthy and grizzlies don't go full tank mode end of season i think it will pay off. He definitely has more opportunity then bledsoe giving he will be #1 scoring option there between him and gasol.  Now looking back i probably should of played it safe in choosing players on teams that won't tank at fanatsy playoff time.

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I took a flyer on him in several leagues and I’m mildly optimistic but i think many people are too optimistic.  His game is changing as he ages as he’s gone from a pass first defensive minded point to

You're not really selling high if you trade Conley right now, he is doing exactly what he did the last time we saw him healthy. No concern for random DNPs because the Grizz should be in the playoff hu

If he gets traded to Utah this is good news for Conley owners. No shutdown and Utah PO sched >>>>>>>>> Mem

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3 hours ago, scienze said:

i guess y’all didn’t watch bledsoe in the playoffs .. conley is easily the better pick. bledsoe is really trending down with the bucks. wouldn’t be surprised to see his average go down to 15 and 4. 


Bledsoe lost it mentally in the playoffs.  The Celtics and Rozier got into his head which is a death knell for someone like Bledsoe who isn't a high IQ player in the first place. 


I'd hold off on the downward trend talk for a few weeks to wait and see how he plays for coach Bud.  He should be better than 15-4 even as a 3rd option in what should be one of the faster paced teams in the league.

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Grizzlies have been a playoff team 7 of last 8 years. 


Last year obviously injuries caused them to go into shut down mode, but is everyone convinced that's going to happen again? 


Does 1 year change a team's outlook that much? 


If gasol suffers another huge injury I'm with y'all, but I'm not convinced we can call the grizzlies shut down candidates anymore than you can call anyone on the trail blazers or any other comparable team, who currently have potential for a 7 seed and more than likely out of playoffs altogether. 

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I got him with the 58th. Pretty happy with that.


True... Conley's been really frustrating since 2015. His pre-season is showing that he's focusing more on scoring (as has been the trend in recent years). He's had injuries..


But 2016-17 was arguably his best season, which wasn't that long ago and he's had a lot of time off since being cautiously shut down in 2018. I think Conley's floor this season is somewhere around "top 60 player" (barring injury). But I think he has a very strong chance to crack top 35.


Here's how I rate his seasons since 2010. For reference, his score of 0.0286 in 2012 was excellent. That season, I had him as the 14th best player overall. His score of 0.01743 in 2015-16 was serviceable but bad value. He ranked 92nd that season. But, as you can see, most seasons, he's quite good.


Screen Shot 2018-10-14 at 11.00.40 PM.png

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5 minutes ago, raaaabz said:

What about floor? Do you think this will be a healthy year? 

Health is all about luck, but as long as Memphis stays around .500 they won't shut him down if that's what you're asking. I see him hovering around 20/4/6 the entire season when healthy.

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1 hour ago, Jessie said:

poor shooting tonight

outplayed by Mack ?


Yup. But it happens. 


he's been good for most of the season so no need for worry here.


he has always been a near-elite PG option in fantasy. would do the same this year. top-50 for about 1~2 more years.

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