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Mike Conley 2018-2019 Season Outlook

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I took a flyer on him in several leagues and I’m mildly optimistic but i think many people are too optimistic.  His game is changing as he ages as he’s gone from a pass first defensive minded point to

You're not really selling high if you trade Conley right now, he is doing exactly what he did the last time we saw him healthy. No concern for random DNPs because the Grizz should be in the playoff hu

If he gets traded to Utah this is good news for Conley owners. No shutdown and Utah PO sched >>>>>>>>> Mem

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17 minutes ago, Jub Jub said:

Ruled out tonight before warmups and Rotoworld suggests he could be out until the trade deadline, with a potential trade to Utah for Rubio?





Yeah very possible.


Sucks for me since I have Conley, Murray, Ayton, Gallo, DeRozan, Kanter (DNP-CD), plus last week when Jokic (suspended), Embiid (rest), Lillard (rest) and Horford (rest) were all out. My entire roster had a red tag. AHHHHHH.

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his staying with the grizllies. His going get even more shots up with no mack, gasol left. But i do worry about the playoff shut down for sure...i would look to handcuff delon wright as playoff comes close.

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Just now, the1gq2nvy said:

his staying with the grizllies. His going get even more shots up with no mack, gasol left. But i do worry about the playoff shut down for sure.


He's gonna get more difficult shots with crappier teammates. Staying with Memphis is definitely bad for him

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He’ll probably get shutdown by season’s end (maybe 3-6 games), but until then, he’s going to get all the shots he can handle with JJJ. 


JV is still an inside threat, so maybe Conley can get similar open looks. He’s nowhere near the passer Gasol is though.

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1 hour ago, the1gq2nvy said:

owning gasol last year while they were tank mode...they did sit him down but not much. Towards last few weeks of playoffs i remember he would sit  a game here and there but wasn't a complete shut down.




I remembered the same thing with Gasol last year. He sat for a few games here and there, but it was never a week to week thing. In fact I can’t remember that happening to any player.

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20 minutes ago, babyfaceassasin said:

tyreke lol


Touche, but Tyreke was hitting FA and their most moveable trade chip at the time. Conley is an all-time Grizzlies player with another year on his contract. He also draws crowds to games and sells tickets.


I don’t see their situation being the same, but we’ll see :ph34r:

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28 minutes ago, Del Rio said:

This is purely speculation, but after playing in an OT game tonight, I have a feeling he may sit one of the games of the upcoming B2B


God damnit Del Rio ! .. your gonna speak it into existence. I seriously hope not. Honestly I feel like Conley will play out the season. Memphis is a solid organization, and with the trading away of Gasol , and how big that was for the franchise. Just the grit and grind culture,  & loyalty to the fans, they won’t just shut him down. Just my opinion , maybe I have no idea what I’m talking about.  

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