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Mike Conley 2018-2019 Season Outlook

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5 minutes ago, RunCMC said:


God damnit Del Rio ! .. your gonna speak it into existence. I seriously hope not. Honestly I feel like Conley will play out the season. Memphis is a solid organization, and with the trading away of Gasol , and how big that was for the franchise. Just the grit and grind culture,  & loyalty to the fans, they won’t just shut him down. Just my opinion , maybe I have no idea what I’m talking about.  


After Lavine got scratched 30 seconds before tip-off tonight my faith in these tanking teams doing the right thing is at an all-time low

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I took a flyer on him in several leagues and I’m mildly optimistic but i think many people are too optimistic.  His game is changing as he ages as he’s gone from a pass first defensive minded point to

You're not really selling high if you trade Conley right now, he is doing exactly what he did the last time we saw him healthy. No concern for random DNPs because the Grizz should be in the playoff hu

If he gets traded to Utah this is good news for Conley owners. No shutdown and Utah PO sched >>>>>>>>> Mem

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8 hours ago, Del Rio said:

This is purely speculation, but after playing in an OT game tonight, I have a feeling he may sit one of the games of the upcoming B2B


I'm really sweating this because im in a super close weekly playoff matchup. One thing we've got going for us is I've seen quotes from their GM saying they would prefer to give up the first rounder to Boston this year in a top heavy draft than later. The pick is top 8 protected this season, next season its top 6, then its unprotected the year after. Currently Mem is in 7th a few extra wins would all but guarantee they lose the pick this season outside of a lucky lotto ball. So at least we've got that going for us as a reason for them to be winning.

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For those in Finals next week i'm considering dropping Conley after Wednesday (game 2/4). After wednesday he does not play until Sat/Sun and will likely sit out of one those games. Between Thurs-Sun there are a couple teams with 3 games so you could get 5 games from Conley's roster spot. Unless you're in an extremely deep league 2 conleys games + 3 from a wire pickup is probably more productive than 3 games from Conley

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