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Kevin Love 2018-19 Season Outlook

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20 minutes ago, 80version said:

I want to offload this damaged commodity but I'm getting little more than pocket lint offered in return.  Whole league has become allergic to Love. 



You're better of waiting until he comes back and puts up some high number games then trying to trade him. Now's not the time unless you actually are ok with receiving pocket lint,

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Take it...to the ac forum. 

Don't say you weren't warned...                

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14 hours ago, mcflywalker said:




Oh, wait. No, that seems about right. Two more weeks with the boot (early December) then the remaining weeks to get up to speed. Still projecting the early New Year return.



You wish buddy... you wish

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28 minutes ago, TheBoondocks said:

tbh what Im gathering from this thread is a lot of people that don't own Love would love to see him shutdown.

How many of you are actual Love owners?



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30 minutes ago, izeroi said:

Forgot to ask.... 


anyone worried about him getting shut down towards the end of the year? Pretty clear Cavs are in tank mode. 


Oh shiet he'll get shut down alright... no question about it... the only thing that could save him is Clivlend securing league worst record by All-star break... ahahahahaha loooooooooool



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