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Kevin Love 2018-19 Season Outlook

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This roster is a disaster. When healthy Love is going to eat. Health is the only real concern as long as he is with the Cavs. Going to a superteam will take him back to his Lebron with the Cavs levels. At the end of the day Love just isn't that great in today's NBA since he can't defend. That won't get better as he enters the downside of his career and physical abilities. Classic bad organization move...no one is talking poorly about Kyrie's decision now. Kyrie was classic Patriots move by being a year early instead of late. 

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Take it...to the ac forum. 

Don't say you weren't warned...                

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Smh, so this team just realized Lue was a below average coach? Like thezing said, this entire organization is a joke. 


As to KLoves outlook, who knows. Realistically, no one is taking on that contract, except maybe the Rockets who value shooters and seem desperate. Not only is KLove older, but this roster is significantly worse in regards to talent compared to his Minni days. Those teams had real players with a real coach in Adelman. 

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I reckon they are playing possum to trade him.


If he can bring in top 30-40 value elsewhere, I'll have to live with it I suppose.


I cry myself to sleep each night but have to remember, I knew what I was getting myself into...no one to blame but me.

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5 minutes ago, sasuke7201 said:

whiteside for love; melo for love; gordon for love ( this is proposed before the sore foot issue) 

Yeah thats very low.


I am trying to get a guy to offer Tobias for him and if he offers, I might have to take it.


I feel like the cavs are trying to shop him but also wouldn't be surprised to see him come back next week...


Just don't know what to think right now.

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