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What's up with Rotoworld's ROS rankings?

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Hi all.  Maybe I'm doing something wrong, looking at the wrong year, or took too much acid back in the day but what's up with the Rotoworld Season Pass RoS rankings?  When I look at them I see stuff like:


#109 Nick Sentzel

#125 Ben Revere

#147 Ryan Shrimpf

#152 Chris Carter


These guys are either out for the season or not on a major league roster.  How are they on any top ROS list?   I switched to see what they ranked catchers at RoS, and they had Derek Norris at #9 RoS for Detroit.  Am I doing something wrong here?  Derek Norris is playing independent ball according to Twitter. 


This is what it says at the top of the screen too.  "Updated every Sunday" Um....







These are projected stats for the rest of the season, not what the players' final stats will be. This information is invaluable when evaluating trades, especially as the season progresses.
*These projections are updated every Sunday evening..

A default scoring system will be used for custom scoring (RW) based on fantasy points. To get more accurate results based on your league settings, click here to setup custom scoring.

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Absolute garbage.  Projections are rarely updated.  I emailed them.  And instead of getting a response that it will be fixed.  All it said is they update them every week.  Why would I be emailing them if they did?  Done with rotoworld season pass.

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