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On 7/5/2018 at 11:33 PM, RMJ_12 said:

This thread has really made me think.


I don't really LOVE anybody this year.  

Yeah me neither. I have some players I think I’m higher on than others like Sammy Watkins, but no one I LOVE and I reach for every draft. KA was kindve my guy last year and I didn’t even end up with him in any leagues lol


but hopefully once training camp comes around we start falling in love with some guys

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24 minutes ago, Panthers8912 said:

Yeah me neither. I have some players I think I’m higher on than others like Sammy Watkins, but no one I LOVE and I reach for every draft. KA was kindve my guy last year and I didn’t even end up with him in any leagues lol


but hopefully once training camp comes around we start falling in love with some guys

It's funny I was actually starting to LOVE Hunter Henry before the injury.

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10 hours ago, Jaw1 said:

Jordan Matthews- Gets to be #2 WR for 4 weeks (he lacks the familiarity but from a talent perspective I see no reason he couldn't supplant Hogan as #1 WR), Amendola and Cooks are gone (taking 200 targets with them) and although Edelman is back who knows how well he plays after the injury. Additionally Gronk isn't the pinnacle of health. For these reasons Hogan isn't a bad gamble either but I'll take Matthews who has a much lower price tag, should man the slot, when he was healthy in Philly put up 2 WR2 seasons and he is only 25. Hogan is very TD dependent and I don't like relying on TDs for WR in PPR especially on a team like Pats with so many weapons. 


Jamison Crowder- Should be a PPR monster with Smith at the helm who likes the dink and dunk passes. 


Jordan Reed- The health risk is always there but I think that is accounted for in his price. If I miss out on top 3 TE I'll be scooping up Reed who has their ability in probably the shallowest position. The catches and yards he gets puts him in elite category for TE.


Rex Burkhead- Dion Lewis and now Sony Michel get the attention but Burkhead put together a strong season despite missing 6 games and limited role. I don't expect Michel to set the world ablaze right out of the gate and he has well documented fumbling issues which can easily get him in the dog house so I think Burkhead isn't a bad gamble especially since he reportedly is the GL favorite to start the season.


D.J. Moore- Late round flier but I see some Steve Smith in him and I think he could emerge as the top WR on Panthers. It isn't clear how much value that role holds with Olsen and McCaffrey likely getting significant target share but at his price he just has to be a WR3 to pay off.


Charles Clay- Few TEs especially as late as he is going are as high in the target pecking order as Clay will be. His high number of targets and subsequently catches and yards give him a solid floor for a position that this late in the draft is very TD dependent. 


Mike/Tyrell Williams- Keenan Allen and Melvin Gordon can't catch every pass. Mike Williams has the better pedigree as #7 pick last year and is a little bigger but Tyrell has produced in this league and is the better value. I like both as big receivers (both atleast 6ft 3) with Henry out especially since Allen isn't a big TD guy and has struggled with injuries in the past.


Michael Gallup- Somebody has to catch the ball in Dallas and Gallup based off his size/speed combo and college numbers excites me a lot more than JAG Allen Hurns and has a later ADP to boot.


Kenneth Dixon- Dude flashed too much upside in his rookie year to not take a late flier on him. Ravens mixed in other RBs a decent amount with Collins so I think Dixon will get some looks and I think he has the ability to steal the job without an injury occurring. 


Matt Breida- I'll give him a look since I don't think McKinnon can be a true bell cow and if they treat him like one I'm not convinced he lasts the whole season. Even in the Tevin Coleman role he could easily out perform his ADP.


Nyheim Hines- Wide open backfield, hearing Darren Sproles comparisons, coaches want him all over the field and Luck looks like he may finally be coming back. Things will become clearer in preseason but as is at his ADP doesn't sound like a bad late round flier.


Kalen Ballage- Kenyan Drake looked great to end the season but I don't think he can be a true workhorse back and Miami giving more snaps to Damian Williams (before he got injured) last year and then drafting Ballage and signing Gore is an indication they feel the same. Gore doesn't really scare me but Ballage at 6ft 3 228lbs and a sub 4.50 40 yd dash is a scary for his opposition and has a scary upside. Additionally he is a guy who excels in the passing game so he could find himself in that Damian Williams role early on. 


Spencer Ware- He was very good in his first two years and while Hunt has run away the job that originally looked like it was Ware's if Hunt flounders again like he did last year Ware could take his job. Reid is no stranger to splitting the backfield either so Ware could carve out some stand alone value in addition to being one of the best handcuffs in the league.


Stills, Lockett, Zay Jones and Amendola are some other later guys I like that I'll have no problem getting a little early since I think they are that big of steals at current ADP. 




I am targeting Stills or Rishard Matthews as my WR4.

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Gonna give this thread a bump since it hasn’t been posted in on a while and I thought it was a good thread. Starting to love Howard more and more in standard. I’ve reached for him late second in a couple of standard mocks lately. Still looking for that player I absolutely have to have this year though

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