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Andre Drummond 2018-2019 Season Outlook


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He is not looking for 3 point shot. They just came in a flow of the game, shot clock being down etc.


What I took away from Lakers game was that they were really not looking for him at the post. Not at all. He got few touches, but McGee did good job on him. They mostly went with Griffin and when Blake was double teamed he passed the ball to the perimeter and they threw threes. It is threes mostly at this moment and basically nobody outside Blake can beat their man 1-on-1 or even create a shot for himself. That goes with the pick and roll too, as Dre is not getting anything out of those situations. He is purely hanging on with being active on the glass, making putbacks and in defense he is still trying and getting steals&blocks. 


But all and all Detroit is looking really tired, really lackluster and just plain and simple weak. Dre is not fired up like he was early in the season. The losing and not getting any quality looks is getting to him. Good thing is that he is automatic with his rebounding and can still produce stocks, but overall I'm not surprised with the dip in production. The whole team needs a jolt. Too bad the talent just is not there.

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45 minutes ago, WatchUrAnkle said:

That's 1st degree robbery man. Sexton sitting of waiver in most leagues and dun even try to compare reach of the rest.  It seems he desperately running away from playoffs



its a 12-cat fgm ftm 3% league .. clarkson and sexton are far more valuable under those settings 

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On 1/14/2019 at 3:56 PM, COBBLEPOT said:

just got this monster on my team


gave up tristan, clarkson, and sexton for drummond and rubio


we on! 

Just got this guy for Kyrie in a H2H points league. A steal, for sure, but nit this big. Other owner had three monster Cs with Drummond being the weakest but nothing at guard.


Didn't want to lose Kyrie but I was unable to put an active player in the C slot often bc I didn't have enough centers and I realized that it's really ******** hard to find even bench-worthy Cs on the wire. Like, impossible. The best C on the wire is right now is Baynes.

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2 minutes ago, saltydogfish said:

Not watching- why did he change to a GTD in the middle of the game?




Drummond took a blow to the face during Friday's game against the Heat and went to the locker room, Vincent Ellis of the Detroit Free Press reports.

Drummond was bleeding after being hit in the face, so he'll get things checked out in the locker room. His return is questionable.

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