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Frank Ntilikina 2018-2019 Season Outlook

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Must resist. The Fiz is strong.

See you guys in the 2019-20 thread.    

Well, time to coming up with reasons to not like this guy. 


Decent percentages, shoots threes, steals and blocks potential from the PG spot, and low TO. More importantly he's starting and getting the minutes. 


The malaise of the Knicks may be working against him. On any other team in the same situation he'd be flying off the waiver wire.

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I picked him up.  Might hurt FG% but will deliver some stocks and assists and apparently some threes as well this year.  Dropped Forbes for him, no brainer.  Forbes is basically a two cat contributer whereas Frank has the potential to help in 5-6.


It also appears that Burke is fizzling out so minutes will be there for Frank at whatever guard position Fizdale uses him.  Only 14 minutes for Burke last night after getting mostly over 20 to start the year.  Trier might be a threat?  Probably not for now.

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Lucky to grab him off the FA wire early this week (especially after losing Dunn) after a GM dropped him during the days Burke was starting.  So far and by the looks/feel of it, Frank is your starting PG going forward.  Let's hope the confidence continues to grow but I definitely liked what I saw from him the past 2 games and coach does too.  I was definitely one of those GMs who had Frank on the watch list but didn't have the confidence in him because there was no talk about his improvements nor did I see anything in preseason that would change my mind.  I'm hoping he continues to get a sizable amount of minutes, produces and gives his fantasy owners the "It's happening!" feeling.

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43 minutes ago, Philzilla said:

Basketball monster has his per 36 steals at 1.5 and blocks at 0.4. I always take BBM projections with a grain of salt. What really drives Dunn’s value is his 2 steals per game. Anyone think Frankie can be a difference maker in stocks?

I think that's the only thing he was good at up till now *Cross fingers*. He just has a huge wingspan.

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I had him last year and he started the year as a steal machine but then those trailed off quite a bit and the stocks became super inconsistent. Rookie struggles I guess. I hope he shows improvement this year as I've picked him up as well. 

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I picked him up.


The Knicks have nothing to play for this year, other than giving the fans a reason to be excited for their future, starting next year when they get Porzingis back and look to sign a marquee free agent.  You better believe the front office wants to prove Frank was the right pick.  Dennis Smith JR, Donovan Mitchell and others blew this kid away last year, leading everyone including Lebron to question the pick.


He'll get every opportunity to show his skills are up to par with the NBA tempo.  We know he can defend 1-3, and he plays with intensity.  Can he slow things down in his head, and get comfortable playing within the team's needs?  Hardaway is handling the ball more than enough to take pressure of their future PG, and it's obvious Trey Burke is not the answer at starting PG, but could be an above average back up at the position.


If the Knicks are going to make a big free agent signing next off season, it's imperative that Frank has every possible opportunity to show the league he can be a solid PG, who doesn't need to dominate the ball, can lock down opposing guards ( and some SF's), plus make his 3's if left open.  Jimmy Butler could step in to this team with Frank at the 1, and Porzingis to headline the games, and Hardaway as a strong 3rd option.  Kemba could be another option, with him and Frank sharing guard duties.  I guess we'll see, but plan on this guy getting all the minutes he can handle.  


I'll predict:


42% FG

80% FT






2 to



With a big boost in confidence, we really don't know what this kid is capable of.  I've seen young guys in New York go bananas when they start seeing their shots fall, and the city gets behind them.  I'm excited to own him, and optimistic about his outlook as the season rolls on.  Him and Shai Gilgeous-Alexander are my favorite young PG prospects to keep an eye on, and both should be owned if you're confident your team is strong enough to make the playoffs.  Upside on both accounts is there, plus low TO's guards can help your fantasy squad balance out if you have heavy TO, big assist producers elsewhere throughout your line up, like John Wall, and Giannis.






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