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New 2018-2019 Dynasty on Yahoo/Proboards

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Coast2Coast Reload
A New Dynasty League forming on Yahoo/Proboards:

16 Teams - H2Hmc (One Win)
13 Categories: G A SOG PPP +/- PIM FW H B W S% GAA SO
4 divisions, 8 playoff teams. Division winners take top seeds.
22 Active Roster Spots: 3C, 3RW, 3LW, 4D, 1U, 2G, 6 Bench
3 IR
3 IR+
Minimum 3 Goalie starts per week
15 Active-Roster Keepers per year.  Up to 20 Minor League /Prospect Players per team.

For a full rundown on our league format and rules, visit:


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Sounds good.  : )
Please make sure that you've read the league rules! 
This is going to be a very hands-on exercise, and the first year's drafts will be really important to your team.  
Send me an email at whiteboard61@gmx.com, and I'll give you an access code to our homepage.
I'll also be listing your email address on our Managers page so that your fellow owners can contact you for trades, etc.
(only owners will be able to see it. : ) )
Look forward to hearing from you.
Ken K

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