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In a deep (32-team) league with full rosters, good RBs are very scarce.

I made this a priority in my auction draft and have the following options. 


(Start 1-4)

- Joe Mixon

- Rashaad Penny

- Devontae Booker

- Ameer Abdullah

- Devante Mays

- CJ Prosise


I plan on starting Mixon/Penny/Booker every week. However its possible Booker loses out to Freeman at some point. 

Would you trade Mixon for Freeman/Cohen to have both Denver RBs, get another decent starting RB option in Cohen?

Or should I roll the dice and hope Booker holds off Freeman, and pray Mixon lives up to expectations? 






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tough. in a massive league like that another body can go a long way. but mixon should be the clear lead back. i suppose since you have booker it's less of a risk taking on freeman, who very well could surplant booker this year. i'd prolly hold though a mixon is prolly the best bet and could develop into a real good asset this year

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I'd pull the trigger, but I'm a Freeman fan, and I don't care much for Mixon...and I am assuming it's PPR, so Cohen is legit.


*cool to see you rostered DMays GB. I realize I was in the minority, and failed in this evaluation last season, but I felt Mays was the most talented RB on the Packer roster last year.


ps: IF you make this trade, I'd rather see RB Deangelo Henderson (Denver cuff) on the roster over CJ Prosise...strength in numbers  :shrug:

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There is no NFL eye test for Freeman...


I would lean keeping Mixon, since the nature of his role is not only more defined, but promises a larger piece of the respective timeshares.


I think I would put my trust in Mixon behind an improved O Line and nuisance of Hill being gone, and look to move Booker to the Freeman owner instead. 


Even if Freeman wins the job, or a 60% share, how long will it take him to get there? 4 weeks? 6? 8? With Mixon you have a week 1 horse.


Lil help?



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Wow 32-team. Normally I'd say no but I think due to the size of the league the 2 for 1 type trade is fairly valuable. This is a big-time trade though since I think Mixon is a real breakout candidate. On the other hand the new staff has been talking up Cohen to get him more involved all over the lineup and the improved offense in general should benefit Cohen who has ability to take it to the house on any play. I do believe that Freeman takes the job from Booker and with Keenum in town and the weapons they have on the outside it should make him a RB2. The biggest risk of course is that Booker and Freeman form an ugly RBBC but that risk is mitigated by the large lineups you have since you could start both without really losing much of anything compared to your other options. 

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I'd keep Mixon. Should get a ton more opportunity this year since the Bengals don't typically get their rookies a ton. Freeman could be good, but the Broncos have hung on to Booker this long for a reason. Not out of the realm of possibility that he starts the whole year.



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what a tough scenario.  Its hard for me to argue against the logic most are spewing in that quantity of rbs you'd bring in is crucial in a giant league like yours.  My only concern is that Mixon is your clear #1, IMO.


You could be trading Mixon for an unproven rookie and a RB that's second fiddle(I am a bears fan in Chicago, even though I love cohen, its hard for me to make him the piece that makes this even)

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