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The offer: My Kershaw for his Victor Robles, Alex Reyes, Kiebert Ruiz. Robles and Reyes have to stay on a major league roster, Ruiz would be put on a minor league roster


League details

12 team points deepish keeper

Head to head weekly matchups

Top 6 make playoffs

Top 3 earn money


Team details

6-8 record after this week, 3-way tie for 7th place

Majors- 30 slots + 3 DL, keep 20 each year

Start- C, 1B, 2B, 3B, SS, OF x3, Flex x2, SP x5, RP x3

Minors- 10 slots, keep 10 each year

No demoting players from majors to minors, players on minors have to be promoted once they exceed MLB rookie limits



C- Sanchez (DL), Yan Gomes

1B- Rizzo, Jose Martinez (OF)

2B- Whit, Enrique Hernandez (SS, 3B)

3B- Machado, Beltre, Senzel

SS- Andrus, Polanco

OF- JD Martinez, Eaton, Joc Pederson, Heyward, Peralta

SP- Kershaw, Severino, Archer (DL), Stripling, Samardzija, Guerra, Quintana, Duffy, Roark, Fulmer, Anibal Sanchez, Jordan Zimmermann, Ervin Santana (DL)

RP- Jansen, Morrow, Boxberger, Barraclough



1. Michel Baez

2. Michael Chavis

3. Zack Collins

4. Will Craig

5. Jason Groome

6. Lourdes Gurriel Jr

7. Julio Pablo Martinez

8. Nate Pearson

9. Brent Rooker

10. (empty)


Current thoughts on trade

My team will be 6-8 after this week and in a 3-way tie for 7th place. I feel like my team is better than that record, but at this point in the year, it is what it is. I think I still have a slight chance at sneaking into the playoffs this year, but it's not looking good. I've kinda given up on winning a title, and think it'd take everyone clicking at the right time for me to finish top 3 in the money. I do still think I have a really nice long term core with Sanchez, Severino, Machado, etc, but I am more and more considering trying to trade guys like Kershaw and JD if I can get good returns


I'd really like to add some pitching help, not subtract, as it gets pretty iffy after my top 3ish guys. But with Kershaw being unreliable in terms of health, I think now would be the time to trade him before it's too late if I can get some solid value for him in return. Especially if I'm going to formally accept not making the playoffs this year, I think I should trade Kersh since in points I really need quality pitchers I can rely on all year long- I need a consistent inflow of points, not just certain ratios/stats


Regarding the return- I like both Robles and Reyes but think they're risky. Robles has a ton of talent, but you never know after a big arm injury like he had. Reyes looks incredibly talented, but he also looks incredibly injury prone. Both would have to remain on my major league roster, and I would have to use two of my 20 keeper slots to keep them. Right now it's looking like I'd have space to keep both of them without too much issue, but it would make things a bit tighter. As for Ruiz, I like him, but he's someone I'd view more as a nice boost to the farm system rather than a huge win in the trade


So, I'm not entirely sure. I think I'm getting decent value back, but also a ton of risk. I could counter with something like Robles plus an established major leaguer (guy also has Bauer and Nola, both of which I love but don't think he'd accept) to help mitigate that risk. But probably wouldn't be able to get as high of a ceiling in return. I don't think it's a bad deal per say, but I don't really know if it makes sense for me either


Thanks for the read and the help. Leave a link and I'll help you out as well

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I am in the minority but I believe Robles and Reyes are overrated prospects.  I wouldn't do the trade.  I would take out one of the prospects and ask for a top 30-75 player.


Kershaw 's health is a serious concern.  What is the precedent for a pitcher having back issues and returning to form and excelling?  His velo is already down.  I would take that into consideration.  That slider is so wicked though.

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Move him for Robles he's gonna be a starter in the Nats OF when Harper leaves at the end of this year, and also get Ruiz to. He will take over as LAD's catcher next season he will give them lots of upside.

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my philosophy on Kershaw is get out while you still can in a keeper league.  Injuries are starting to add up from his years of abuse.   Idt he has many good seasons left (see Wainwright, Adam).  i wouldn't sell for pennies, but i would sell while the value is still there. But this league is far beyond my skill level with this MLB/MiLB thing you have going on so i can't really comment on what's worth it or not.  



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I agree with the sentiment above about getting what you can for Kershaw now in keeper leagues. 

But there's just too much risk in what you're getting in return. I still think Kershaw on name alone can bring you back something less risky that can help you win immediately...if you think you can win your league this year. 

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While Kershaw's value may be declining in keeper leagues, he's still worth more than just prospects.  Either get current major league talent back, or keep him.


Return the favor?

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Even in a dynasty, I don't like the idea of trading one of the best pitchers in the game today, who is only 30, for a bunch of prospects. I think you'd need a young stud that has at least shown some success in the big league level if you want to go that route. But I'm just thinking you should enjoy what you've got. If you really want to trade him, wait for his stock to rise a bit more. I'm thinking by August people will be viewing him in a bit better light than they have been recently.

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