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Jonathon Isaac 2018-2019 Season Outlook

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Liked Isaac's game so much recently i had to do this trade... Traded away: Giannis, Kaminsky Got back: Luka Doncic, Isaac, and MPJ oh yeah..and this is a dynasty league of course.

He got in foul trouble early and their bench unit made a run. Coach is sticking with what's working for this game.

No, that’s so far from the truth. In Phoenix he won’t even leave the bench. In Orlando he just has to beat out Simmons and Ross for consistent playing time, but wait, he can’t. If he can’t beat out th

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22 hours ago, SirMixalot said:

I grabbed him at pick 91, and I'm super excited... He looked good in Summer League physically, and I hope he's able to play a bit more of the 3 now that Orlando's likely gonna keep Gordon at the 4. That team is a mess. This dude will hopefully be a stocks monster, with some sprinkling of scoring and rebs


My biggest fear is that he turns into Anthony Randolph 2.0... Good to know there's a support group for that in this thread, in case things do go south :P

He's not Anthony Randolph. Isaac excelled in the advanced stats and metric when entering the league. Randolph did not.

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5 hours ago, brosephd said:

health is the only thing that is stopping him. even if he has a bad offensive night he will do stuff in the reb's and stocks department


Yeah, but he has alot of ballhogs around him and on yahoo you had to pick him around 90 to get him cause they ranked him much higher as of late. For that price he should also get a ton of steals and minimum around 12 pts per game on solid %s. Just for the Blocks you could have drafted a poeltl or some other big with a higher FG% much later aswell.


I have the feeling that his statlines on bad nights can be pretty ugly: 1-5 FG 6 pts 0 3s 5 Reb 1 Ast. 1 Stl. and 2 Blocks for example.... and they have alot of guys that can get hot from three who cut take minutes away if they come from behind..


he has the talent, but i don't think the team in orlando is the best fit for him to be a breakout player right away

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9 minutes ago, Kriggly said:

For cat based leagues, yes because of his stocks potential.  For points leagues, it depends who your end of bench guys are, imo.  

Yeah in a pts league...

Will have to see it first. And I just started Hamidou Diallo for the whole week

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starting him over Larry Nance, we'll see how that plays out. Hopeful that the defensive stats and 3s carry over from the preseason (and after Kyrie's dud yesterday, I am in need of 3s)


*edit* just saw that Larry Nance is out so this was a no brainer move lol

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