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John Collins 2018-2019 Season Outlook

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18 minutes ago, chud12 said:

What is with the low minutes??

its quick two fouls always, im an atheist and i start praying when he gets his 3rd foul in the 3rd quarter but tonight in the fourth q pierce just took him out when he was crashing the boards, had like 3,4 boards in less then 3min, pierce took him out of his rhythm quite too many times this season as i watch atlanta (i dont know why :/)

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1 hour ago, El_Chingon said:

Hopefully you didn't draft him for steals :)


Lol I could care less about that cat with him. Stumbled upon the stat and it’s wild. You would think we would walk into like ten steals off dumb luck. Active hands, obviously not. 

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Ok I know he has not been providing the same amount of stocks as he did last year.  But for those complaining what would y'all rather have?  Him giving you like 12 and 8 with a little more stocks than last year, or THIS: in the month of December, he was at 21.3 ppg, 12.9 rpg, 0.8 threes on 57% shooting. 


This dude is a monster.  Honestly, who realistically thought he was going to give you 21 and 12 this year? I know I was very high on him and had him pegged as making a leap (I believe I mentioned him a Breakout thread on here).  But I did not think he was going to do THIS good offensively this year and this consistent with it.  And he is so comfortable shooting that corner three too - I watched the Hawks/Wiz game last night.  


I do believe the stocks will pick up to what he brought last year or a little less.  And that should have been the expectation all along.  But for now, just enjoy him for what he is bringing and not some unrealistic expectations of him that he is not living up to.

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52 minutes ago, colepenhagen said:

empty 2 cat line. :ph34r: 

1 cat line if you owned one/two of wiggins, dipo, bam, barton, middleton, j rich, t jones, dray just off top of my head sure theres more


but it is good to see him avg 1 three over the last 2 weeks


🤮.  Only you could hate on a guy going 12/14 from the field for 26/5/2. 

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