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.5ppr, 10 team, 260 budget. I can keep 3. I think I have 2 no brainers


Thielen $6 (obvious keeper)

Leveon Bell $72 (top RBs go for 80-100 in my league)


My final keeper will come down to:
Keenan Allen at $35 (he was a stud last year and now there is no Henry)- Last year Baldwin went for 39 and Antonio Brown went for 67

Josh Gordon $23

Zeke $91 (sounds crazy but he will go for at least that in the auction- Dalvin Cook went for 67 last year)




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There's a few RB's this year that could prove to be workhorses after this year. You already have Le'Veon and you're keeping Thielen... which is weaker of the two. I would target a WR.

Keenan Allen has injury concerns... though, those injuries are pretty flukey. 
Josh Gordon could be DOMINANT... The Le'Veon of the WR's.... but he's a little unproven compared to Keenan Allen... which arguably makes Allen safer.

It comes down to the price at this point.

I would pick Allen if you can get him at $35... but if you could Gordon under $23... then that would be a smarter play IMO.

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It's tempting to have Bell and Zeke but even if the other top RB all get kept there is a decent crop of rookie RBs who could make solid RB2s. Due to the huge gap I'd go with Allen. He should get a lot more targets and catches than Gordon which gives him not only a higher floor but likely more week to week consistency. Gordon is no slouch though and based on the slightly inflated prices maybe that $12 difference could really make a difference elsewhere in your lineup. However, with limited top end talent and 3 keepers I think it would be wise to get as many top tier guys as possible. 

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3 hours ago, afl5013 said:

Go Allen. Played 16 last year and the injuries before that were fluke ones and shouldn't affect him going forward.



This is so true fractured collarbone and lacerated kidney are as flukey as they come. The ACL in 2016 was a legit injury but it obviously didn't impact him last year and I don't think is enough to justify the "injury-prone" label that Allen typically carries. 

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Keenan all the way for me. Full season last year, even if he gets hurt for a couple games, Gordon's risk is a lifetime ban from the NFL. 

I'm taking the guy who proved it last year, and that I know will still be in the league in 2 years. 

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On 11/7/2018 at 6:34 PM, wideopen21 said:

top RBs go for 80-100 in my league

My main question: why this? Where is the drop-off point, and what does $35 get you?
I agree with Bartos, if the prices are that high, it may be good to look elsewhere - but maybe there's a setting in your league that places a bigger premium on RBs?

On the other hand, I can totally see the appeal of keeping both Zeke and Le'Veon. The WRs you mention are not exactly setting the world on fire (yet), but Thielen at that price sounds like a steal, so I'd definitely consider that trio.

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