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I recieve: rizzo and ray


I give up: albies, khris davis, maeda, manaea


My team is the following:

C perez

1b abreu

2b albies

3b shaw

SS lindor

CI andujar

MI bregman

Of trout

Of cain

Of Kris davis

Of judge

Uti mazara

Uti pollock

BN tucker

BN crawford


Pitchers: morton, meada, archer, corbin, richards, teheran, manaea, bumgarner

RP: Rodney, melancon, minter, devenski

DL  tanaka and musgrove


Catorgies: runs, rbis, sb, obp, hr

                    Qs, saves, whip, k/9, era


Am i giving up too much here??


The reason im considering this trade is because rizzo will be an upgrade on albies. Tucker is young stud and may come close to davis's stats ROS. i have musgrove and tanaka on the dl who need to come. Who are both better than maeda and manaea ROS and i get ray back.


Thoughts  would be greatly appreciated???

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pass. i dont see rizzo as a upgrade over ozzie. maybe a little but nothing special. i would rather have khris over ray. madea is a solid sp even with 6 man rotation. i would want to see more from tucker before moving 40/100 bat like davis

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Hard pass right now. I'm thinking I'd take Albies over Rizzo based on how they've been playing recently. Ray has been bad in 2 out of the 3 starts since he returned from injury, and was awful before he got hurt, so I'm not even sure he's an upgrade over Manaea and Maeda right now. And then you're adding Khris Davis. I just think it's too much.

Also, I think we need to see more from Tucker in the big leagues before we can come to the conclusion he'll be better than Davis ROS. He's had one decent start in the 4 games he's played, and even though he was a good prospect, that doesn't mean he'll be a good major leaguer. Especially right away. It's common to see top prospects become duds in the big leagues. Also, I think Richards might take a trip to the DL, so that's someone you might be able to swap Tanaka with. And I think I'd be stashing Musgrove on the DL for awhile until I need to make the move and decide who my worst pitcher is at the time.

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