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Blackmon, Betts, Bauer, Sale WHIR

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10 team points league, redraft.


Currently sitting in 2nd place. Looking to bolster my SP and need to shore up my RP, as our league values SV over ratios and HD (I’ve got Hader in my second RP slot right now). This proposal came in, which I think is too much to give:


Give: Betts/Baez

Get: Sale/Osuna


First of all, too much, right? Thinking of countering with this:


Give: Blackmon/Solarte

Get: Bauer/Chapman


And being prepared to fall back to Bauer/Osuna. Morton may also be an option. Thoughts? WHIR!!


C Grandal

1B Santana

2B Baez

3B Carpenter

SS Turner

OF Betts, Blackmon, Martinez, Eaton (start 4)

UTIL Encarnacion

Bench Solarte, Polanco, Schebler, Flores

DL Torres


SP Cole, Grienke, Martinez, Cueto, Richard

RP Davis, Hader

DL Strasburg


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4 hours ago, DarinB300 said:

I like your counter a lot better. Giving up too much in the 1st offer. Betts alone, should net you Sale & Osuna. 

Thanks for mine & good luck! 

This. The first trade is an overpay.



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