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Judge /kluber blockbuster!!!! WHIR

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I recieve: kluber, carlos martinez, springer


I give up: morton, corbin, judge


My team is the following:

C perez

1b abreu

2b albies

3b shaw

SS lindor

CI andujar

MI bregman

Of trout

Of cain

Of Kris davis

Of judge

Uti mazara

Uti pollock

BN tucker

BN crawford


Pitchers: morton, meada, archer, corbin, tanaka, teheran, manaea, bumgarner

RP: Rodney, melancon, minter, devenski

DL  musgrove


Catorgies: runs, rbis, sb, obp, hr

                    Qs, saves, whip, k/9, era


Thoughts  would be greatly appreciated???

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50 minutes ago, mbick2003 said:

....and Springer will pick it back up and be close to Judge!


Not sure how close to Judge he'll be (Judge has been pretty d#mned good), but I think the pitching upgrade is worth it.


Thanks for mine!

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For me it depends how you feel about Morton/Corbin ROS. Morton doesn't have a big track record of this kind of success over a full season. Corbin had issues of his own, anyone guess what either do over the second half. Kluber is the best SP in the deal and hopefully has a strong second half, he has been over pitched over the first half. Cmart kind of know what to expect and should be pretty good. You downgrade in OF of course, Springer who has slowed down will get it going and net you back some of what you'd lose dealing Judge. Not a bad deal if you really want to solidify SP with what may be safer options and not take a massive hit on offense. 

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I'd much rather have the Judge side. The way I see it as of right now:

Judge > Kluber
Corbin > Springer
Morton > CMart

I think CMart and Springer can play better to make this closer, but bottom line I'd rather have Judge over Kluber.

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Personally I'd rathe rhave the Kluber package.  Much more reliability.  We don't know how much longevity Morton has or how Corbin will hold up.  Springer should bounce back and your league doesn't count batting average.   Cmart is a bit of a wild card but I'd go with his track record that he will stop walking so many.  


Help with mine please



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