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Julio+ or Diggs+ in Best Ball Dynasty?

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Hi all, first /RB/RBpost on these forums- looks like a lot of good engagement and posters helping each other out! I have this one trade that has been nagging at me, and so far results have been split. 


This is a 10 team league, Best Ball Scoring, start QB/QB/RB/RB/WR/WR/TE/FLEX


I would Send: Diggs and DJ Moore

I would get: Julio and Tre'Quan Smith


I'm in a position to win it all, I won the regular season last year by a few games. Do I take the Stud in Julio and go for it? Or keep the youth/upside/depth by holding Diggs and Moore?

Here are the main points of my team:


Wilson/Wentz/Mayfield/T. Taylor

Hunt/D. Cook/Hyde/Chubb/Gore/Ito

MT/Evans/Diggs/Doctson/C. Coleman/Lockett/G. Allison/DJ Moore/Anthony Miller/DeaSean Hamilton



Please help me make this choice. I'm leaning Keeping Diggs and Moore. I love the youth and depth. But- ITS JULIO!!

Thank you everyone!

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Disclaimer: I had to even look up what Best Ball format is, so right away my answer may be pretty useless.

From what I read it's "set it and forget it",  which I assume places a premium on players with a high ceiling.  In that sense, Julio Jones would be a huge bonus. He has those crazy games where he wins the match-up all by himself for you, and when he's a no-show, you still have the rest of your team to cover for him, right?

So from that perspective I'd say do it, absolutely. Dynasty-wise, Diggs is a good prospect but may never get to Julio's level, and Julio may have a couple good years in him yet. The + you send (one rookie for another) are super hard to measure, but the deal seems reasonable. So I say do it.

Good luck!

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Yeah- that's pretty much it. It comes down to how much of a risk do I want to put into Julio. And, is Diggs far enough behind that adding a first round pick in Moore is worth it? The cliff for Julio could be just around the corner- and the Diggs potential is huge. 

Thanks for the input, than help!

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In dynasty I wouldn't do it. Diggs is extremely gifted and almost 4 years younger not yet entering his prime. He has a pretty high ceiling and while he may not be able to put up 250yd 2td games like Julio can Diggs isn't even in his prime yet. I'd hesitate about even a straight swap given Diggs future but adding in DJ Moore is too much. Moore is very talented and although Olsen and CMC take up a big target share I could see Moore become Carolina's top receiver as soon as this season. His competition isn't close to Smith's who will always be #2 to Thomas and maybe even #3 to Meredith who is fairly young and recently signed a deal, that isn't even factoring Kamara out of the backfield who the offensive will be built around in the near future. 


EDIT: However, now that I look at your team more closely you already have plenty of strong young players so you can definitely afford grabbing Julio and the long term impact won't be too bad. I think being too future focused is a trap a lot of dynasty players fall into with the future so unpredictable. I'd probably try to squeeze a little more value out of the trade if possible but I couldn't blame you for going for it especially if you think you are a strong candidate for championship this year. 

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