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Florida a restricted state for yahoo cash leagues?

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I'm from Missouri. They became one back on 2016. It really sucks. Put a huge damper on mh leagues. Check out Fanball dot com. They have MFL10s there now for BestBall if you play that. But each state has their own legislation. 


I'm able to pay to play anything on Fanball, DK and FD, and leaguesafe. 

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Yeah i know but yahoo is now offering to do what leaguesafe does with holding the money for these leagues so i can't find anyone that's using leaguesafe on yahoo now which last year and previous years there was a bunch of people using leaguesafe. I've found plenty of league on espn and nfl.com that use leaguesafe but i really like yahoo leagues and always have.

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I only do leaguesafe though cause i won a league last year that used pay pal and the commish disappeared with the money after the season was over so i'm done trusting any of these things besides leauesafe. I would trust yahoo as well but i'm obviously in a restricted state. Leaguesafe only for me. What's mfl?

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Right on, i've never heard of mfl before but i'll check it out for sure. Right now i have cash leagues on espn, nfl.com and i have one cash league with yahoo which is all friends and has been running for 8 years now but we just pay up when the season is over since we're all friends. Probably won't get another cash league in a different place since i'm already in 3 different ones but i'll definitely check it out.


Thanks man

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