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I'm in a non-PPR dynasty league.

I traded Juju Smith-Schuster, Tarik Cohen, and the #7 overall pick in the upcoming rookie draft and received Robert Woods, Kenny Stills, and the #2 overall pick.


What do y'all think?


I was thinking that the #2 pick can either be packaged in a deal to get Saquon at #1, or else I can take either Guice or Rashaad Penny who could be start-worth RB2s.


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Factoring in that its a non-PPR I think it isn't a bad deal especially if your draft is after a few preseason games so you can see the rookies against NFL talent and hopefully one can separate himself from the rookie RB pack (and the other RB on the roster). Personally, especially in a dynasty I can't really pinpoint who will have the best career out of Penny, Guice, Jones, Michel, Chubb, Freeman or Johnson and 7th pick would guarantee you a choice between at least two of them. Juju is a tough loss as a young receiver who has shown flashes, Bell may be on his way out and even if Big Ben retires Rudolph has potential to be a strong starter. Additionally, receivers have a lot longer shelf life than RBs typically which helps in dynasty. I hope your WR depth was very solid and you were desperate for a solid RB2. If you could somehow swing Barkley out of this (he'll be very expensive and I hope you had at least some conversation/deal in place prior to this trade if that's your ultimate goal) then it could be worth it. 

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I already have Thielen and Tyreek Hill, so the WR position looks pretty decent for me. RBs are harder to come by, and I have Fournette and then a bunch of committee guys. I'm hoping to swing Saquon, but if I don't, I believe that either Guice or Penny could be good for 20 carries a game, and there aren't all that many RBs who could garner that great a share of touches.


Haha also probably made it easier to make this trade when last year I picked up both Juju AND Cohen off of waivers lol. Not knowing about the Steelers QB situation in the future also had me wondering about Juju's long-term value. I get that he's young and talented, but Big Ben could leave at any time, and then who knows what Rudolph will do... Cohen has tons of value to me in a PPR, but I can't see him getting as much consistent work behind Jordan Howard.


In the end, I'm swinging for the fences, hoping that a bunch of assets can land me a consistent starting RB, which seem to be harder to find.

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