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AJ Green for Demaryius + Chris Thompson? (PPR)

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Hey guys,


League Size: 8-Team (work league)
Scoring: 1pt PPR

I think I need another solid WR for this PPR League... would you trade for your DT + Chris Thompson for a possible elite option in AJ Green?

Current Lineup:
QB: Newton
WR: Adams
WR: Evans
RB: Kamara
RB: McKinnon
W/R/T: D. Thomas
W/R/T: Josh Gordon

Collins, Ajayi, Lewis, Funchess, Cohen, Thompson


Any and all opinions are much appreciated. Maybe I should shoot for someone else? Or upgrade at RB? 

Thank you!

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6 minutes ago, GreatScott! said:

Yeah. My guess though is the other owner won’t accept. I know I wouldn’t if I were the AJ Green owner. 

Any players you would add / swap for the trade?

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1 hour ago, FollowTheLeader said:

With that roster I would easily pull the trigger to trade DT + CThompson for AJGreen.

Any players you would add / swap to make the other owner pull the trigger?

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In a 8 team league it shouldn't be hard to replace Thompson with someone with some upside from waivers so I'd take that deal in a heart beat. In such a small league I think you are going to have to significantly overpay in a 2 for 1 type deal, even in a bigger (12-14) league I don't think most would accept this deal. I guess the 2 flex spots lower the price some but you'd have to give up another starting caliber player like Lewis along with Thomas imo. 

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42 minutes ago, GreatScott! said:

 I’d need to see the other roster to see what his / her needs are. 

His team:

QB: Cousins
RB: Mixon
RB: Drake
WR: Jones
WR: Allen
TE: Olsen
FLEX: AJ Green
FLEX: Jeffery

Guice, Jones Jr, Mack, Stafford, Kittle

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On face value, I think you make that trade.  There's every reason to believe Green will at least keep the status quo.  The only reason I think you may hold back is the thought that DT will return closer to early form with Keenum, which me may.  And Thompson is a solid value, though I like Cohen far better and you have him.  It's definitely a deal that even if it doesn't work out, the difference should be mynute.  Even with the expectations of DT putting up better #'s, those #'s would probably only reach what you expect from an average year from AJ. Though AJ's upside is much higher and his floor probably just as high as maybe the wildest predictions for DT's 2018.  

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7 hours ago, ponza88 said:

DT + Ajayi + Thompson ?


Im a bigger league that is a solid offer.

But in an 8 teamer, the waiver wire is so full that 3 for 1 trades usually won't work.


Worth a shot though for sure.

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