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Free ESPN 6th year 16-team H2H Keeper, filling TWO!

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TL;DR - Active, competitive free league with low turnover looking to fill THREE teams. Max 8 keepers a year. Trying to use SLACK as a messaging platform but personally haven't been able to commit a lot of time to it thus far



Unfortunately we've lost a couple managers throughout this season (a couple mainstay hopefuls too, which stings) and I'm looking to replace them. I'm seeking people who think they can stick around long term for at least a few years. Our retention has been exceptionally high in the past few years (although this is the most I've had to replace during the season in a while), and about over half the league has been with us for 4+ seasons.


Our league is looking to fill two teams, the rosters are as follows:

Houston Astros

Oakland Athletics


My primary mantra is that it's not MY league, it's OUR league. I push for feedback year-round, and all settings are up for debate. Before each year we discuss potential improvements to the format, in any way possible. Surveys for draft dates, polls for setting changes, threads for long-form discussion, you name it all. We (used to) have a chatbox that was fairly active, discussing anything and everything throughout the season. While we don't rock a minor league roster (my own personal preference), I am proud of what we've been able to do with the league and hope to grow our core group of guys who will stay with us long-term.


At the end of the day, it's about staying active, being competitive and having fun. Also trashtalk, which is always welcome..if you're already familiar with SLACK and can help push excitement, I'd especially love to have you aboard.


League Settings:

16-team H2H most cats, snake draft

Keep up to 8 per year

6x6 with OPS and QS. 35IP min each week


Roster Settings:

C/1B/2B/3B/SS/3 OF/2 UTIL

3 SP/2 RP/3 P

6 BE


What to do: Feel free to leave your e-mail here or DM me your e-mail. I'll be contacting you to ask you a few quick questions. This is NOT first-come first-serve, but more likely than not the first person who posts will get the team haha

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