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Jonas Valanciunas 2018-19 Season Outlook

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Amazing. It looks like he’ll play even less under Nurse this year.


Any time, and I mean ANY time, the opposing team decides to go small, he’s out of the game. 


Washington decided to close out out the game with Markieff at C and Ibaka played the rest of the way as a result.


I was expecting a more even split with the declining Ibaka this season but this is getting ridiculous.

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20 minutes ago, kane said:

he just need mins,he always putting stat when he get playing time


No he just needs to match up against traditional bigs on a nightly basis. Teams that go small or have smart stretch bigs and guards that can attack him on the p'n'r torch him and make him a total negative. He is going to put up decent value, but its going to be hit and miss all season. His start to the year is EXACTLY what you should expect. Duds against teams like Boston that can play smaller and Horford/Gasol types stretching him out and just out smarting him, and decent lines against guys like Hernangomez (who couldn't defend an army of grannies from Fort knox) and Ian Mahimni, and Drummond, and Dwight, etc.

He is a fine guy to have, but he is what he is...His ceiling and floor and pretty close together in the 60-80 range

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22 hours ago, RotoMadeGOAT said:

I feel like I should try trading him. I’m not really enjoying the rotation and he will for sure be an up and down player throughout the season. The frustration is real:(


Where else would you get FG% though?  FG% might be more scarce this year than blocks.  I haven't even considered moving him because of this.  After the first two rounds, there's basically JVal, Kanter, Whiteside, and Taj Gibson for decent FG%.  You probably won't find it on the wire.  I'd take 18-22 minutes of JVAL at the end of my bench to help anchor it.

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This time sharing with Ibaka and constant lineup changes are killing JV's value. If Ibaka gets injured, then JV can be a monster. If Ibaka is healthy, JV may still be useful, though he will have his ups and downs. However, I am not sure if you can actually buy low on him at the moment, guess would need to wait for some string of bad games and then try to pull the deal. 

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