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Kevin Durant 2018-19 Season Outlook


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I don't own Durant anywhere, just stopping in here to declare KD as one of the all-time vindictive superstars. 


Dude will initiate the long-fuse on GSW demise cause he is so petty/sensitive.


Everyone knows what Draymond is -- and even knowing that -- KD couldn't handle the first truth bomb Draymond laid on him.


Now KD "liking" posts about rumored Draymond trades in the event Boogie is healthy. 


KD trying to play this all off like he is cool-MJ-salty, but really he is just poor Boston-Mom salty. 

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1 hour ago, mmcc1029 said:

With the warriors struggles and injuries so far this is setting up as a best case scenario, biggest concern is what will his lines look like with a healthy steph and boogie? Do we dare try and sell for a primo package? 

The only league where I have him is a dynasty league where I have him, Curry, Vuc as my core.  I gave up quite a haul to get him: Stifle, Capela, and Draymond last year for him and Collison.  Now all available evidence suggests that Dray will be s--- this year and Durant will be better than expected.  So for me at least it would take a package of him plus two scrubs for three players in the 2-3 rounds.  Not sure if I could get that but that's what it would take.

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