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Worst week of the season. Mariota doesn't even play a half, Conner worst game of the year, CMC held relatively in check, Ridley has the talent just not enough targets.  Oh well, hopefully I got my bad game out of the way and AJ Green and Gronk are back next week.  


Also would be nice if I didn't get 100 scored against me every week.

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Yeah, these gifs are overused, but it works...     Me all offseason:     And then by the end of week 1:  

good god this sounds like a boring league. "Let's come up with a set of rules to restrict managers' ability to modify their teams, engage with the league, and react to changes in player availability d

Get out of here with this bull****

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Both my first place teams pooped the bed this week. So hard not to overreact. 


Team 1

Watson....another dud. Going to Trubisky next week. 

Jeffrey...throwing up a dud 3rd in a row. Probably going with A-rob in his place next week. 

Manny Sanders pooped the bed. Gotta stick with him, but Keenum is so awful. 

Kamara not part of the game plan in this blowout. Obviously you stick with him. 

Cook....probably getting cut despite the TD. I have Reed and I actually think McCoy helps his value ROS. 

My Flex this week was MVS....who somehow only had 3 targets. 


Team two..I could potentially still win but need about 50 between Theilan and Mahomes. 

The dude I am playing against started a ton of bums who just went off.... Josh Adams, Peyton Barber.....TY Hilton...yea really.  

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1 hour ago, obithewan said:

Well, in a week where I had Allen, Evans, A. Jones, and DJ going, I will probably be taking a loss because of Wentz.


Can we take the C out of his first name? He's burning my team to the ground as I type.

Yep...not even Trequan and Fournette will save the damage Wentz did today..wtf was that?  This guy seriously has a floor of 3 pts?  Are you ******** serious?

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Dropped Trequan for Sutton after that zero target game, and benched Ingram for Collins.  If I’d kept my lineup from Tuesday, I wouldn’t even need to watch SNF/MNF. Now I have to wince through two games.

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Other than AJ Green, NO starting receivers on my team have gotten into double digits in PPR ALL YEAR. It’s baffling as guys are guaranteed to do well on my bench. It’s almost like if you don’t have a top 3 wr or rb there is no such thing as a safe floor this year. I started Allen Robinson, Corey Davis, and MVS this week and combined I have less than 10 points. But of course as soon as I bench them next week they’ll score. Forget it I’m just going to set my lineup instead of agonizing over this crap during the week and always being wrong 

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3 hours ago, nb009 said:

Doug Martin with 58 yards in first half. Completely benched second half, including on 1 yard goal line stance. F*** John Gruden. Unreal.


Blurb says he got hurt but i dunno, gruden has no integrity.

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