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Myles Turner 2018-2019 Season Outlook

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Move me from the "dude anybody who knows anything drafted him for blocks so stfu" side of the discussion to the "who told this POS he could play basketball with men?" side. 


I regret drafting him at 80. G. Dieng without the rebounds.

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Stage 5: Acceptance

he's just more sweaty in the second pic

The real burning question is....can he top the 65 pages he had on his 2017-18 outlook thread?!

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23 hours ago, a-rob said:

Scared of contact. That's why he can't finish and grab rebounds, the opposite of Sabonis. He wants to be a stretch 5


Yeah, a stretch 5 averaging 0.2 3pt and has made a grand total of 2 on the season.

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Typical Turner game. Not many points, even few rebounds. He's stuck in a rut and when you are stuck, you gotta do the things that build confidence and get you going again. For some reason he looks content just sitting out there and doing nothing. That tells you all you need to know about this guy. Very talented but no motor or heart.

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10 hours ago, Boner said:

Could have picked up DJ or Whiteside over this scrub

Same here.  I've been telling people all along to stop crying, but even I'm starting to get a little frustrated.  It would be nice to at least get something with the blocks.


I'm still going to say the people saying drop city and stuff are wrong though.  At worst he's a hold on your bench, but since he's still producing blocks, you almost have to still play him unless you're really deep in that category.

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idk if this guy lets other people take his rebounds or he just dont want it, i dont get it. You 7 ft tall, athletic, and long and you only grabbing 4 boards a game. It dont make sense. How he got the desire to sky up to block a shot but cant do that to grab a rebound.

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50 minutes ago, kendanc said:

As soon as I drop him, someone will scoop him up and he'll average a quadruple double for the rest of the season


that's also the reason why i cant drop him yet. this guy is freaking killing my patience

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I am not dropping. The blocks are still there.


Personally I didn’t draft for the rebounds so I am not disappointed in that. I drafted for the elite blocks, a little bit of threes, good percentages for a big, and the hope that he would break out scoring-wise. Although he is not breaking out with scoring, he is doing everything else I expected so I am good.

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