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Jarrett Allen 2018-19 Season Outlook

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My suspicion is that he will be decent but the hype on him is way overblown.  Mike Gallagher or other pundits will make a pick and a part of their job is to find hidden gems because if they just do th

damnnn. i think myles floor is closer to Allen's ceiling this season. to me this is a classic mistake of passing on someone on a down year and falling too heavy into the roto/BBM hype on one of their

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It was a blowout in the second night of a back to back and Jarrett wasn't playing particularly great last night. Hoping for better lines but hes a lot less involved in the offense these last couple games then the first week of the season. It seems hard for him to get buckets lately. Levert has to start hitting mid range jumpers so the D has to contest and he can dump off to Allen for easy layups and dunks off pick and rolls  

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What he needs, are freaking minutes.  Coaching like this drives me nuts.  He'll produce in 25-28 minutes a night, but he won't be having the breakout we all hoped for with under 28 minutes a game.  I would love to see him around 30-32 minutes consistently; I dream of what he can do with 34 minutes on a nightly basis..

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29 minutes ago, FantasyBallFan said:

Starts the 2nd Quarter and picks up his third foul in 17 seconds...


Ah thanks for that, was trying to work out why he had only played 5 minutes in the first half :(

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On 15/10/2561 at 11:15 AM, MarcoPol0 said:


eh it still shows a marked improvement from college to the nba and preseason is an extremely small sample size and the first game he was dominated by kanter and went 0-2. hard to suggest regression based on that

What do you think about his FT% so far? :)

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