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Trade for greinke?? WHIR


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Been offered Greinke ($42) for my Folty ($1) and Conforto ($32) in 16-team OPS keeper.


Folty has been my SP4 this year, with Sale, Nola, Happ, and Flaherty being my other SPs. Conforto has been a reserve OF/UTL bat. Other OFs are JD, Marte, Muncy, and Peralta. 


Do I hold or make the move to further solidify the rotation? Or do I look for another SP upgrade? I’m currently in 1st. 



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52 minutes ago, Flyman75 said:

Not taking salaries into account, I'd go with Greinke to strengthen your staff. But that's without knowing your budget, keeper possibilities, etc. In a vacuum, go with Greinke. 


Thanks for your input on mine. 

Budget is $260. I’d probably throw greinke back at $42, but probably would throw Conforto back too at $32, honestly. My concern is less about money and more about Greinkes age and loss of velocity. Granted, there have similar concerns in previous years and he remains a top 15 SP option. I think Folty is overperforming; his peripherals point to a regression, so this would be a sell high, in my mind. 


Team is below:


C -Gomes

1B - Abreu

2B - Happ

3B - J. Ram

SS - A. Cabrera

LF - JD Martinez

CF - Marte

RF - Muncy

UTL - D. Peralta 

Bench: Conforto

My pitchers are Sale, Nola, JA Happ, Folty, Flaherty, Knebel, E. Diaz, Rivero, S. Dominguez, and CJ Edwards.


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1 hour ago, Tryptamine said:

If you feel like Greinke puts you over the top this year, then make the move, but you'd better be sure because long term, it's going to hurt to lose Folty. Conforto a that price is a non factor to me.




I agree with what was said about Conforto at that price. If this is the move that gives you a legitimate shot at winning, make the move.



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