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LaMarcus Aldridge 2018-2019 Season Outlook

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You just go ahead and pick him TOP 15  

Yeah, too many TOs. You know what that means.   

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24 minutes ago, adam_magic said:


Scoring is great but back to back 2 rebound games is a bit of a concern.


His rebounding is way down, after averaging 11 in Nov, he only averaged 7 in Dec, and then the two, 2 rebound games which sucks.  Watching the games he's lazy with it, it's like his role is just to box out while Bryn Forbes or Gay flies in and grabs the rebound lol.  

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22 hours ago, hornrimmed_rambis said:

The guy is #18 in 9-cat over the last month, with 60% FG%, and we are complaining?


I've been thrilled recently, and I'll stay thrilled if he can just keep doing it.


That's awesome, but if his recent rebounding plummet stays low I guarantee his ranking will also drop.   I know there's variance and fluctuations, but this so strange, he had something like 9 double digit rebounding games in a row in Nov.  Since Nov 23 he's only had 2 double digit games, including 8 games of less than 5 rebounds.  It's like when his offense was still trying to get back to normal and he was shooting poorly he hit the boards more to make up for it...but since his offense has turned around he just said f-it my offense is picking up I'll just box out/give less effort and save my energy for scoring.  Maybe that's not what's actually happening but its possible.  

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On 1/7/2019 at 1:58 PM, hipriest69 said:


That's awesome, but if his recent rebounding plummet stays low I guarantee his ranking will also drop.  


Last 3 seasons he has averaged 8.5, 7.3, and 8.5 RPG. 


This season he is averaging 8.6 RPG.


I don't understand what you expected with his rebounding but he's literally doing exactly what he's supposed to do.


In any case, MONSTER game tonight holy crap

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1 hour ago, Forever Smooth said:

At one time considered the best PF in the game. He went bonkers last night! Haven't seen this since his Rip City days.

Those %s are unreal!!! Was rocking it even before the OTs as well but is becoming more of their go to w DeRozan taking a step back

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Want to show some appreciation for LMA.  The least talked about top-15 player in fantasy basketball.

Hated him early in the year when he was shooting like 43% FG and 67% from the line.

Welp...like clockwork, he's ending the season with 21/9.  >50% FG, > 85% FT, 0.5 steals, 1.3 blocks, low turnovers. 


TY LMA, u sexxy


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