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Kyle Anderson 2018-2019 Outlook

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i've got a new nick name for Anderson I like better than Slo Mo, it's called Streaming Spot.

Btw the median BBM uses is 15ppg/5.5 rpg/3.2 apg/1.5 3pg (used to be a lot lower)/1 spg/.7 bpg.  47% FG/79% FT/1.8 To.  So if you have a projection you can compare it against that and get a good idea

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On 2/9/2019 at 8:28 PM, finte said:


Players rarely ever get shut down, that term is such a buzz word on fantasy forums. I see no reason why slomo would get 'shut down'. He's projected to return next game, and even if he doesn't return then, there's only 2 more games left until all-star break. Completely overreacting


On 2/9/2019 at 10:31 PM, Del Rio said:

Grizz didn't even completely shut down Conley and Gasol last year. SloMo isn't in the same class as those two guys, and shutting him down probably wouldn't have much of an impact on their tanking chances


Sooo...is it still a "complete overreaction" that Slow-mo might be shut down?  You would think the Grizzlies would have had these tests performed over the ASB if they had any intention of him playing a large role ros.


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Even if Kyle Anderson comes off IL it'll be hard to trust that he'll play all the games on his schedule for a given week. 


That combined with the fact that he has a 2-3-4 playoff schedule means he's looking like a drop to me. 


The way the Grizzlies have handled this situation (and JJJ's) make me want no part of Kyle Anderson. I'd be shocked if he comes back, plays meaningful minutes, and plays enough games, even if deemed healthy, to be worth owning.

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