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Kyle Anderson 2018-2019 Outlook

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i've got a new nick name for Anderson I like better than Slo Mo, it's called Streaming Spot.

Btw the median BBM uses is 15ppg/5.5 rpg/3.2 apg/1.5 3pg (used to be a lot lower)/1 spg/.7 bpg.  47% FG/79% FT/1.8 To.  So if you have a projection you can compare it against that and get a good idea

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10 minutes ago, BMart519 said:

SHoulda had 2 more assists minimum. Teammates missed a couple wide open looks and dropped some passes. 

Clutching here, you could say this for any and every player in the league. He is a drop and don’t look back type atm.

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13 hours ago, TonyRomo said:

Most of us just want him for his stocks, but last year’s block average might have been an outlier. Gotta wait and see what happens with Parsons coming back soon too.


His per 36 steals and blocks numbers have steadily increased since he entered the league.  He steals went 1.5, 1.7, 1.8,  and 2.1 over the last 4 years.  His blocks went 0.7, 0.8, 0.9, and 1.1.  There was a clear pattern of improvement on defense, to the point that he was among the leaders in many advanced defensive stat categories last year.


Maybe the 2.1 steals and 1.1 blocks were an outlier, but they didn't just come from out of nowhere.  There was a steady progression, and it's been shown that most players actually put up better per 36 numbers when given more minutes (up to a certain point).  But if he's really only capable of 1.8/0.9 stocks per 36, then it will be very difficult for him to be fantasy relevant.  That jump to 2.1/1.1 was basically the sole reason that his per 36 value skyrocketed last season (going from outside the top 170 to number 77 in my settings).  Very little else changed over the two years prior.


Honestly the other thing that worries me about Anderson is his lack of involvement on offense.  I didn't see last game, but almost nothing is ever run through him as a playmaker.  He needs to put up around 8 points and 3 assists to match last year, and right now he's looking more like 6 and 2.  

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I watched him tonight and am pleased with the line. He put up decent stats, but he's still doing next to nothing on offense, so there will inevitably be some nights where he puts up duds. Not enough for me to hold unfortunately - dropped for a streamer tomorrow. I may pick him up again at some point next week.

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Anderson is averaging just above 30 minutes a game in his past 5.  Minutes isn't the issue with him.


It's a long season. He's been trending up. I think with more familiarity and comfort with a new team and system, you'll see the stocks return. 

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