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Jabari Parker 2018-2019 Season Outlook

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He's ranked 439th out of 451 players in RPM. he also has a negative WS/48. He literally is one of the worst players in the league. he can get buckets but his complete lack of ability on the defensive

Is that you Mrs Rubio??

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Ah I dunno about this.  Grabbed Parker in two leagues preemptively since the Wiz have a 4-4-4 PO schedule.


But between Green/Ariza/Portis at PF and Bryant/MM/D12 (if the latter two return), this could be a nasty, nasty timeshare.  

As long as Jabari gets 20 minutes, he'll be good enough, but I honestly am not sure if he gets that many.


Also, it doesn't really make sense for the Wiz to play Green and Ariza (or MM/D12), and should probably develop Parker/Portis, who are younger.  Just my opinion/hope.

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I'd be inclined to agree with y'all, but I watched a LOT of Bulls games this season (owning Portis, Dunn, Markannen, and Justin/Parker for a while).

He's incredibly talented offensively, but he's at times incredibly lazy at defense, which should be obvious to people who know basketball.  I also think that even when he makes an effort at defense, he's not smart about how he closes out or helps.

If he were to get minutes, his (lack of) defense doesn't matter in fantasy at least.


Also, fingers crossed that Green/Ariza get traded soon.  :P

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1 minute ago, negrotiator said:

pretty sure the wizards are shopping ariza and green for late picks. i think he'll have significant value when those trades happen. the tank is on.


Yup, I hope so too.  

I'm a little surprised he went to the Wiz, actually, since most reports speculated that he'd go to NY or Utah (the latter of which he'd get some PT if they swapped with Favors).

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1 minute ago, mmcc1029 said:

Hey does anybody know his playoff schedule!? ^_^


Unfortunately, I dunno.  For you, I'd ask what for?

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