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Jabari Parker 2018-2019 Season Outlook

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He's ranked 439th out of 451 players in RPM. he also has a negative WS/48. He literally is one of the worst players in the league. he can get buckets but his complete lack of ability on the defensive

Is that you Mrs Rubio??

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Just now, stevenzhang said:


Above...JV, Zubac, Portis, Kenrich Williams, & Dennis Smith Jr????

Zubac and Kenrich are good dudes to bring up. 


JV should've been rostered and if he wasn't, it was because he was hurt, not because he was on the Raps.  Portis and DSJ likewise should've been rostered.  

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Great situation, wiz is in desperate need of productions! Howard May be back soon but that shouldn’t affect Parker much, maybe Bryant will take a hit esp if they continue to compete. Im expecting him and portis to be 2nd/3rd scorer on the team

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19 minutes ago, droselicious said:

Who would you guys predict to have better numbers ROS between the outcasted former bulls - crazy eyes or parker? 




I say Jabari at this point, but not by much (at this point).  Dwight will be returning, and it's tough to gauge just how much his presence will impact Portis, but I don't think it'll be substantial, since I think it's pretty apparent that they have more vested interest in Portis (and he's a restricted free agent which ups his ante).  Even when negating the Dwight stuff though, I still think Jabari will be mot consistent ROS.  But I have been wrong before, and before that, and before that.  And ya know what?  I think I was even wrong before that.  Putting it all on the table tonight, fellas.

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On 2/6/2019 at 6:45 PM, Nica4two said:


Man, I wDould say he's a "must-add for serious potential" option.  Let's not forget how much of a baller this man is.  If he's given 25+ minutes on the Wiz (which seems likely), he can be a solid contributor.  Not to mention, he has a wonderful playoff schedule.  Seems like a solid role of the dice to me..





5 hours ago, kev777zero said:

and now he starts the second half...BBM was very down on him hence I was hesitant on picking him up in every league, but he's appearing to become once of the better trade deadline FA adds. May not be the the best player on a per game basis but if he starts 30min a game along with the 4-4-4 playoff schedule he should be appearing on more championship rosters.


As much as I love BBM (I have used it every year up until this year), I think it can be incredibly OVERused and run your team into a wall if you depend on it too much. Great tool in some scenarios though. Only needed 23 minutes last night to damn near put up a trib dub. Had 34 tonight, and Green got hurt, sure, but that may have simply sped up the inevitable of Parker overtaking the starting job.


5 hours ago, stevenzhang said:


Above...JV, Zubac, Portis, Kenrich Williams, & Dennis Smith Jr????


I've literally grabbed half of these dudes (Parker last weekend, K-rich monday, and Zubac tonight). If any one wants their palms read, I might be able to predict half of your future right.

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I'd take Parker over Portis at this point after the first game, and even more so with the Green injury.  


Parker when given consistent minutes and healthy can be a mid-round player. TOs are a bit high for his assist production and some character concerns may or may not exist, but if high usage superstars can get a pass for higher TO, draft level talent from the WW can get a pass too.  


Portis has boom-bust potential, could potentially win you points, but as easily tank your FG% any given week. Also not exactly doing much better in the character department than Jabari. 


However both are clear champions of the trade deadline and with the Wiz playoff schedule they should be on every roster at this point. 

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