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August Closer Thread 2018


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Gibbons could come right out and say "Giles is our guy, no matter what" and I do not think I could stomach owning him to be honest. After watching him nothing has changed, he gets to much of the plate and is not smart sometimes, a recipe for a 4.50/1.40 and I cannot take that crap!

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How about Dylan Floro? Since the Break he has the same # of holds as Alexander.


Man hopefully Jansen is ok. I remember same thing happened in late 2012. Sucks for his owners in tight races. (I got empathy, cost me the title in 2012)

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14 minutes ago, papasmurf said:

How about Dylan Floro? Since the Break he has the same # of holds as Alexander.


Man hopefully Jansen is ok. I remember back in 2012 he had the same prob near the end of the year. (The injury literally was the difference btwn first and second that year) 


I was wondering the same thing after I just added Alexander. He does have better peripherals than Floro. Of all the below stats the only edge Floro has on Alexander is that he walks fewer guys. But he gives up more HRs, fewer GB, and induces hard contact at a great rate than Alexander. If you ask me I can live with Alexander's BB% given the soft contact and GB rates he displays. 


EDIT: mong active RPs Alexander ranks 2nd in soft contact% to only Jansen, 1st in lowest hard contact%, and 2nd in GB% only to Ziegler. 



Alexander - 11.6%

Floro - 9.6%



Alexander - 71.2%

Floro - 56.3%



Alexander - 0.34

Floro - 0.54



Alexander - 21.5%

Floro - 20.6%



Alexander - 11.5%

Floro - 6.9%



Alexander - 1.88

Floro - 3.00 


Hard Contact%:

Alexander - 23.7%

Floro - 32.7%


Soft Contact%:

Alexander - 28.1%

Floro - 20.4%

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Floro throws righty. But LA has some other lefty Ferguson with decent stats, so it may not matter.


Also, I wonder if Baez may get a shot at the right-hand side of that tandem (assuming matchups) before Floro due to experience.

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A dude in my league must have insider info, last night FAAB ran and Alexander went for like 8 bucks, I thought that was funny at the time.....


I think there will be 2-3 guys get saves for LAD down the stretch, all worth owning just not sure at what price

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38 minutes ago, MireLurker said:

Think Caleb Ferguson gets in the saves mix in LA? He's been going 2-3 innings but he's been excellent.


I would guess they wanna keep him in a multi-inning role, more value there. Alexander seems the most logical choice.

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3 minutes ago, Dontrelle Willis said:

This is a long shot because  I know they would ease him in what about Julio  Urias the former top prospect comes back in a couple weeks he’s gonna be in the bullpen. Just a name to kept in mind .  


Could totally see this happening if Jansen somehow doesn't return to full capacity.

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19 hours ago, 96mnc said:


It seemed pretty clear to me actually.


That they'll give him a lower leverage outing next time out but ideally he wants Knebel as the closer.  How long that takes is up to Knebel.

Yeah, you're right.  I actually thought about that after I made the post, but it was too late.  I'll chalk it up to a brain fart, which we all have.


As for the other teams' situations that are being discussed right now, I'm not sure I'd touch any of them right now outside of Alexander in LA.  I could see them trading for somebody like they should have already to at least help out.  The others are too volatile.  Can't believe Addison Reed is one of those given how solid he's been over the years.  He'd be the runaway favorite in Minnesota now if he was pitching even remotely like himself.


Even without any confirmation, Treinen is easily still Oakland's closer.  Nobody's dumb enough to downgrade from him to Rodney.

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