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Fantasy Football Team Names 2018

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15 minutes ago, RMJ_12 said:

If your team ends up being terrible change your team name to "off dudes"


Then your opponents can say "I beat off dudes"


Or the ever-lovely


”OH! Im gonna beat off dudes!”

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i'm sticking with my annual l Brady theme:



-Brady Eats Avacado Ice Cream With Butt

-Brady Eats Bunda Cake

-Brady is a Bunda Face

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-Brady Gets the Strap . .From Giselle

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- Brady "Please Mistress Giselle Not My Face,I'll Be Good I Swear!" Boy Toy 

-Brady Bullied Bill

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12 minutes ago, bigslick631 said:

I like team names based on these million dollar athletes getting in trouble for stupid stuff so leaning toward 'Breaking the Seals' this year.



At least make it groanworthy, like "Breaking the Ricky Seals-Jones".

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On 8/7/2018 at 8:15 AM, cohenstantinople said:


If the Patriots win the Super Bowl, we're totally due for Mrs. Brady and Mrs. Decker going at each other full-tongue, right?






If Decker is still on the team.

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