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Fantasy Football Team Names 2018


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On 9/16/2018 at 1:03 PM, Proteus said:



Fixed that for ya.


Blood football sucker sack
In my huddle
How many INTs
Do you wish
Pass into double coverage
Where I throw it on the inside side
Winston please me
Be my soul mate
Every snap
Has a piece of uncertainty
Praying to create
A state of hyper mentality
Passing TDs unrealistically
My affinity
I mingle with the gods
I mingle with divinity
Blood football beer
It's Tragic
Fitz Tragik Fitz Tragik 
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5 hours ago, CuBu said:

i drafted theilen  and stafford so week one was sexual theilen


week 2 was theilen on my stafford


then traded away theilen

became Inglorious staffords

Sexual theilen haha 


i did “ Hyde your Chubb” 

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Keeping Kamara going into this season, I decided to go with Alvin and the Chipmunks, which isn't all that original with Kamara rising to prominence last season, and Dalvin Cook, starting off last year strong. But after the draft, I liked my team so much I decided to make it Alvin and the 'Shipmunks (like Championship) and make this my team icon:





Started off 3-0, but lost the last 2, and am a dog to win this week without Kamara, and with Fournette's continuing absence, I thought I might rename my team. Not sure what I'd do for a picture aside from slapping a big bandaid on Fournette, but I thought I make a play off the Prince song and call my team for now, Brittle Legs Fournette

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Since I was unfairly forced to change my name since one of my leagumates got offended I changed mine to:


Trigger warning since my leagumates are snowflakes 


Open to input as I’m still salty about having to change my name since there were no rules about offensive names (5th year Dynasty league)

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