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Victor Oladipo 2018-2019 Season Outlook

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We need a system on this site where comments like this get users a warning/temporary ban. Not true or helpful in anyway - someone might read this and think its true. 

Whats funny is several people have come on this thread when Dipo has a bad game or now with the injury with a smug “I can’t believe people took him in the first round?!!”  Yet I’ve yet to read a post

The guy that fear mongered and traded for Marc Gasol AHAHAHHAHAHAHA

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5 minutes ago, rando said:

Minutes are down to 31. More talent on roster and especially in backcourt. It's begun to be a worry but not a big concern.

This is due to game 1 being over by half time. Other 3 games are around the norm.

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2 hours ago, DoctorLove said:

Two steals, 9 dimes, and perfect FT shooting... Leggo!

Slow start but I have a feeling he's about to go on a heater. Gonna be time to break out the "it'shappening" gif soon!

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Yea, the counting stats will come with his usage so I was never concerned about that. The free-throws are what's concerning. Reminds me of Westbrook last season. Free-throws are generally the most consistent so it's weird that he's been this bad through the first 6 games. Hoping it's just an extreme outlier.

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I was watching Lebron's "The Shop", and Dipo was on episode 2.


He talked about how in OKC, he sometimes let the outside noise get in his head and affect him, like looking at a reporter after he turned the ball over, wondering if they were gonna say something about him.


It may explain the %'s over the years, especially during free throws, because that's when everything stops and you have time to think.



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Past 2 seasons he has always had an ugly  ft% slump but then finishes close to 80%


Personally I think it’s because he relies on his hops to get into a rhythm which is why his jumper seems so natural while he struggle from the line from time to time


You can sort of tell when he’s about to make a free throw, he exhales and just shoots with no tension. If he exaggerates the exhale or looks stiff, it probably isn’t going in.

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23 minutes ago, heero78 said:

Lol that's a wishful thinking. 

He's at best an early second rounder. 

Regression is real. 

I mean, yea? I'd imagine most people drafted him around the turn, so if he returned early second round value that's probably fine.


Regression to what exactly? His fts are almost 25% below his career average. That's not regression.

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