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Jimmy Butler 2018-2019 Season Outlook

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I sort of hope he doesn't get traded. Only way I could see that would be if the Wolves win a lot. Wiggins looked terrible, non stop bricks in a row on long 2s in the 4th and missed layups. Teague was really bad as well. Towns was not involved at all in the offense in the 4th i don't think he scored. Butler just dominated. 

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Jimmy Butler (strained groin) did not participate in practice on Tuesday and is doubtful for Wednesday's game vs. Brooklyn. Advice: Butler injured his groin in the first quarter of Monday's game

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He'd get a better playoff schedule and a faster pace would ease some concerns about his production dropping, but more mouths to feed and the higher possibility of rest on a Top 3 seed would probably prefer him to stay in Minny or go to Miami. 


The four first rounders is one hella aggressive move and Houston may be high, and Thibs is high when he inevitably turns it down.  

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1 minute ago, dboywong said:

He'd still pop off at the rockets. Yeah, maybe not as good as his situation now but he'd still get his regardless. 


I highly doubt Minny do this deal without getting back at least one decent player, though. 


They ll get something like Eric Gordon, they need contracts to match salaries anyway. If Thibs rejects 4 1st rounders for a player that is already gone and from a team already not good enough to win anything I would fire him in a second. Ok Thibs anyway needs to get fired.

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i feel like his value would drop in Houston cause he cant really play Iso ball anymore BUT


can anyone who actually watches Jimmy tell us what his OFF-BALL game is like? if jimmy can play off-ball and be a spot up shooter, i can see his production staying the same or being even better with houston's pace. he'll play a ton of minutes too since houston needs defense badly after ariza left

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I love this f---er.  He consistently wins me steals singlehandedly and anchors me in FTs as well and for some reason nobody values as a top 15 guy like they should.  Again I got him for under $45 in our auction league.


  I'll forgive him for last night's bad effort at the line.   He posts too.  Well, other then last year when his injury ****** me in the fantasy playoffs.  Let's not have that again buddy!

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