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Larry Nance Jr. 2018 Outlook

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Geniuses are often misunderstood when they are alive.   100 years from now, our grandkids’ grandkids will read about your trade in history books

I think people over analyze and spend way too much time planning out all of this punt this punt that. If you need a big man you probably want boards and possibly blocks and a good fg%. You should not

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3 minutes ago, squid-jesus said:


Can't tell if this implies I won or lost the trade lol? Embiid's owner lost 8-1 last week and they had a couple stars with a lot of s**t pieces like Reggie Jackson, Tyreke Evans, etc. Figured I'd help them with some depth in a 2 for 1 getting a star. Can say I lost FG% for sure


You won that trade so bad its almost criminal. How long have the people in your league been playing fantasy?

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3 minutes ago, Vikster07 said:


You won that trade so bad its almost criminal. How long have the people in your league been playing fantasy?


It's been a core of ~10 people + in a 14 team league for about four seasons now. FWIW, the guy with Embiid was 2nd place last year cuz he fleeced someone for Harden with Lowry + Schroder :lol:

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8 hours ago, squid-jesus said:

Just traded him + Collins for Embiid today. Minutes may go down but damn I might miss his stocks production, his value in them is so good



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1 hour ago, Padilla814 said:

So with TT back it appears that Nance's rebounds will dip, although TT didn't do much against MIA last night in the rebound department.


Is it fair to say Nance will be a solid source of stocks?


If he gets at least 20 minutes per I think so? That was the main reason I valued him and the overall stats were great when TT was out too

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On 12/30/2018 at 8:20 AM, buboytorre said:


I actully just dropped Nance just to get Sato right now... i know Nance is really playing crazy well right now and I really like him but I am worried on the TT/Love return plus Sato fits my punt-assist team... hope i did not make a mistake.... 


so far so good.. Sato did good on his 1st game on my team and Nance was relegated to bench role and was limited on his 1st game w/ TT back.. I know Nance will still bounce back but so far, I am satisfied with Sato right now...



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Jan 4 - 7:51 PM

Larry Nance will start at power forward against the Jazz on Friday.

He's played 260 minutes next to Tristan Thompson, so it's not a wild idea for coach Larry Drew. Plus, it is a matchup where the Cavs will want to go big against Derrick Favors and Rudy Gobert. Either way, Nance should be held in standard leagues. Alec Burks will move to the bench to help the guard depth without Matt Dellavedova.


Everyone make note of this.

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