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Larry Nance Jr. 2018 Outlook

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3 hours ago, babyfaceassasin said:

Oh idk. It’s my first time playing fantasy basketball and I didn’t realize there was different ways to score points league. But yes in my league nance was a top 20 when he was starting before his injury while Draymond and Middleton were outside top 60s and still trending down so there’s that. 


I highly doubt he was top 20. Maybe if you looked at a couple weeks in a vacuum or something.

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9 minutes ago, ssolitare said:


I highly doubt he was top 20. Maybe if you looked at a couple weeks in a vacuum or something.


Nance definitely had a top 20 stretch when TT and Love were both out, this guy isn't saying that Nance has been top 20 this year

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1 minute ago, Chrizz said:

how do you like his outlook with TT coming back? They now got Nance, Love, Zizic, Chriss, Thompson for PF/C. could be really annoying ros.


Love will probably revert mostly to playing PF, and Larry Drew really likes TT for how easily he can eat up rebounds and defense. I can see the C minutes being split down the middle between LNJ and TT while Zizic and Chriss will take massive hits.

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42 minutes ago, Extra_Rice said:

So who gets the burn on that nice PO schedule? Zizic or nance?


With Love back since the ASB, Nance has averaged 26 mins a night and Zizic has played 28. So I think it will be a pretty even split. 

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1 hour ago, kobebryant24 said:

drop city? seems like love and his minutes played a huge factor in him losing value


I refuse to drop this man. He can put up some great all around numbers in limited time, and with his nice playoff schedule he can potentially be money. I don’t want to take any chance of dropping him and kicking myself later.

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