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Anthony Davis Season Outlook 2018-2019

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54 minutes ago, RipCity0 said:

Personally I would prefer getting Noah for 3 games this week than AD for one. Care about the finals when you get there. If you get eliminated you will not care how to cover for AD's production anyway.

Ya I agree but he said this week is his finals

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I was way ahead of my time. I was like Bruno Caboclo. 2 years away from being 2 years away.

It's not weird because he can actually play right now and it won't make the injury worse, but the finger is going to be very painful during the initial few days. The injury is technically a fracture,

If brow sits I’ll retire from fantasy basketball until the nba institutes a rule for this style of sh!t...   I spend my hard earned bucks to play in a competitive league only to be stabbed i

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7 hours ago, My Dinner With Andre said:

Could this guy leave a worse taste in your mouth after his contributions this year?


Never again.

Bro, not even kidding, I was absolutely smashing my league up until all start break. AD announces he wants a trade, doesn't get traded... He only starts playing 20 mins after this and this league begins to lose every now and then. However, I still make 2nd seed going into playoffs because I was dominating so hard earlier in league. Now I am on the cusp of losing the first round of playoffs because he wanted a personal day this week, Kevin Love goes down(after going 1/10 from the field), and the Raps have ZERO reason to rush back Kyle Lowry.

Been a rough season for sure... Wish he would have just kept his mouth shut... But with how bad the Pels are, I doubt he would be playing many minutes this late in the season anyways. At least Harden, the other choice for number 1 overall, wants to chase for that MVP title.

Sorry for ranting a bit... But it has been a rough one...

Good luck in playoffs man,


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