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Anthony Davis Season Outlook 2018-2019

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I was way ahead of my time. I was like Bruno Caboclo. 2 years away from being 2 years away.

It's not weird because he can actually play right now and it won't make the injury worse, but the finger is going to be very painful during the initial few days. The injury is technically a fracture,

If brow sits I’ll retire from fantasy basketball until the nba institutes a rule for this style of sh!t...   I spend my hard earned bucks to play in a competitive league only to be stabbed i

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1 minute ago, NoHablaIngles said:

why is he out? did he re-aggravate his injury? :unsure:

It's just aggravate, and no I don't think it ever healed. He says it hurts to dribble, pass, shoot, etc. Sounds terrifying for me as a Davis owner ;-; HAPPY THOUGHTS

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what's happening here? he's DTD again in ESPN. one of the managers in my league is offering KD for AD and i dunno if i should panic-accept it cause of AD's current injury

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38 minutes ago, FantasyBallFan said:

Honestly i’d prefer him sit out two weeks over this. Too bad if he sits Pelicans probably cant win a single game

I understand that he's obviously hurting our FG%'s, but if he sits out two weeks, good luck making up all of the other stats he usually gets.  He didn't do a whole lot of anything tonight, but even with his bad elbow, he had been filling up the stat sheet otherwise.


It does figure that this is the first time I've ever been able to own Davis and he hurts his elbow.  Still, you have to believe he'll get through this eventually.

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Even with below average FG for his norms, AD has been the number 2 player this week, and 5th in the past month per game.


His average games are pretty much a lock for top 5 value any given week, and when he busts out, the clear 1.

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1 hour ago, HispasianTuna said:

This is the first year owning AD and I've never been so stressed out in my life in terms of fantasy. I'm always praying when I see him dive, fall, etc due ti his past lol.  

You'll get over it eventually and just appreciate the massive stat lines, so when he does go down it hurts a little less.

I've owned AD in just about every year I've played fantasy in the last 4 years, so I speak from much experience.

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